Collaboration between Jess Kellar (Artist) and Emma Guthrey (Architect)

September 3rd - 14th | University of Newcastle, Australia | Various locations

Researching the visit of the queen in February 1954, we were inspired by the idea of the homegrown queen. People who live and work amongst us and deserve their own parade and celebration.

Large campuses such as UON are so immense and the achievements of those within their walls are over overlooked after the first news story is told, our project aims to give a physicality to these achievements, albeit for two weeks of the CREATEUON festival.

As part of the process of acquiring the images from the internet we became interested in the way in which women were promoted more broadly and the lack of clear high quality images available. This discovery influenced the way the art works were made able to be enlarged and printed. Levels of distortion corresponding to the original quality of the images.

The images are be linked to an Instagram account @yeah_she_did which features an article or staff profile post explaining who they are and the amazing things they have done/do every day.

Click through on the images below to learn more about these incredible women!