manufactured homes 

‘Central Village’ is a Manufactured Home development in Mayfield, NSW. This is one of the first built projects I have seen from design through to construction since becoming and Architect in 2014.

Residential Architecture which is my background tends to be a long process, 2 - 3 years between initial conception to built form (depending of the size of the project). This project in comparison has a very short design and construct process, which has made the learning curve steep but the learning process quick as you can tweak ideas from house to house.

The approach to these houses is to maintain as much privacy between dwellings but ensure each home has good solar access and cross ventilation. Manufactured homes are an interesting concept when reflecting on the need for affordable and diverse housing stock, I feel that more research needs to be done in making these development types maintain their sociability, not just within the development itself but within the community in which they sit.

Designed with Herd Architects. See Central Village for more information